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Rock-N-Reel Weekend Warriors

NEW! Rock-N-Reel introduces our new Weekend Warrior Spinnerbaits: same great design as our popular Tournament Series, now with heavier wire for added durability.

Weekend Warrior
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We have Trapper Tackle Hooks!

Rock N Reel will provide you with the latest and greatest in innovation.  Rig it! Lock it!  Land It!

At Rock-N-Reel Custom Lures we aim to please! 

 If you have something you want, we will give it a shot at creating something just for you! 

Service Men & Women always get 15% every order!

Meet Our Team

The Rock N Reel Custom Lures Family

Jill Kale

David Rice

Professional Staff/Field Staff

Boat Division

David Rice comes from the great

state of West Virginia.  David has 

fished all of his life

and started tournament 

fishing in 2008.  David 

fishes through the TBF/FLW 

as well as the buddy trail

events in the State 


David does the weigh-ins

for all of the events.

David is ProStaff for Connect Scales,

Kong Coolers,

Denali Rods, Rockybrook

Sinkers, Trapper Tackle, Zeko

Shoes and Ardent.  David

tells us he is blessed

to be supported by

great companies to

help him compete in

a great sport.

Jill Kale

Jen Mues

Social Media Marketing

Jen Mues comes to us from The Cornhusker State!  Born and raised in Nebraska gives this woman a tough presence in a field of men!  Mrs. Mues is a kayak bass fisherman married to Dustin who is a professional kayak angler.  The two have two beautiful children who also compete.  Jen is said to be "Tony's right hand woman."  She handles the business side of Rock-N-Reel Custom Lures and enjoys every minute.  Mrs. Mues is an asset to the Rock-N-Reel Custom Lures Family.

Jill Kale

Dustin Mues

Professional Staff/Videography

Field Staff

 Pro Kayak Division

Dustin Mues also comes to us from The Cornhusker State and born and raised in Nebraska as well. He is the husband of President/CEO Jen Mues.  Mr. Mues is responsible for delivering high quality video and possesses the most sought after work capturing Rock-N-Reel Custom Lures in action.  The videography for Rock-N-Reel Custom Lures gives our customers the cutting edge where you are able to see the bass caught on video.  Mr. Mues tests all Rock-N-Reel Custom Lures as Field Staff ensuring quality and dependability.  Mr. Mues has competed in the very prestigious Kayak Bass Fishing Championship and is a member of KBF.

Dustin his wife and children were

recently asked to join Team Bonafide.


Jill Kale

Tony Sylvester


Tony Sylvester comes from the great state of Alabama.  A gentleman and a phenomenal bait builder.  Tony has a passion for the outdoors and when he's not building he enjoys catching bass and entering as many tournaments as he can.  Mr. Sylvester is likely one of the best in the industry.  

Jill Kale

Josh Keiffer

Professional Staff/Field Staff

Boat Division


Josh Keiffer heads our sales 

division and is an avid

fisherman.  Josh  comes to us

from Goldonna Louisiana.  His target

species is largemouth bass.

Josh enjoys fishing

from his Skeeter.

Josh has a special woman

in his life to keep 

him on his toes.  We 

love our Katie Gill!  Josh

Is the president of Knee Deep 

Tackle, he is also partnering with

Connect Scale!

Jill Kale

Skip Stroder

Professional Staff/ Product Testing

Boat Division


Skip tests Rock N Reel

Lures and leads in our sales

division.  Skip comes to from Missouri.  

Skip tells us he is a wall to wall

tree top tall bass fishen fool!

Tournament fishing on the local level

in southeast Missouri,  

Southern Illinois and Western

Kentucky!  Skip lays brick through

the week so he can fish

the weekends. Skip is married

to his wife Jamie

with two boys Cody and Tyler.

Skip lives on

a beautiful farm complete

 with cows and a pond!  Now that's


Jill Kale

Emily Edwards

Professional Staff/ Product Testing

Boat Division

Emily is out of the beautiful

New Bern North Carolina!  She is

married to Dennis Edwards and

the two have two boys

and two girls.  The couple are

avid hunters and anglers who

bring a whole lot of fun,

enthusiasm and charm to

Team RockNReel.  We look

forward to sharing this

awesomeness with our

fans and the Edwards Family are

a staple to all of us at RNR!

Jill Kale

Dennis Edwards

Professional Staff/ Product Testing


Boat Division

Dennis is the husband to

lead lady angler Brand

Ambassador Emily Edwards! 

He's a brilliant photographer,

mechanic and a former

United States Navy Veteran.

Dennis is also proficient at

hunting and fishing.  Dennis is an

asset to Team RockNReel

and Sir we want to Thank

You for Your Service. 

Jill Kale

Dylan Collins

Professional Staff/ Product Testing

Boat Division Tackle Shop & Sales

Born and raised in the Sweet Sunshine

State of Florida and I like to

think, "The Gold Mine of Fishing."

I was raised on the lakes and

gained a huge passion for bass

fishing.  I began fishing

tournaments in 2016 and have been

totally hooked. 

I'm blessed to share the

drivers seat of the sport with

my girlfriend Sarah and my

son Marshall.  With the

support and love from my family

and sponsors the consuming

passion of this sport within me

will never perish.

Jill Kale

Kyron Jones

Professional Staff/ Product Testing

Boat Division

Kyron is currently serving

in the United States Air Force.

He has been a great

addition to the team even

from afar.  Kyron has a

few special women in his

life and plays the roll of husband

and dad.  We are eager to have

Kyron back in the states.

Thank you for your Service

to our Country Mr. Jones.

Jill Kale

Dean Bowling Jr.


Professional Staff/ Product Testing

Salt Water/Fresh Water

Kayak Division

Dean is out of Georgia and has

a great deal of success within the

industry.  Dean began using

RockNReel lures and loved

the product.  We have built

a comradery and know

we are in good hands with

Dean representing

RockNReel Custom Lures

to the fullest. 

Want Custom Baits? Give us a call!

1 (256) 460-2390