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Rock N Reel Promotional Staff Videos!

Youtube video thumbnail

Rock N Reel Underspins

This is a video of ProStaff Member Chad Chappell with a single blade Rock N Reel underspin. 

Youtube video thumbnail

Bass Fishing With Rock N Reel Custom Lures

This video show ProStaff Member Dustin Mues throwing  the original Rock N Reel three arm underspin.  

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Rock-N-Reel Custom Lures Lineup

Under water footage of Rock N Reel Customs Lures in action.  Quality handmade Underspins and Chatter Jigs just to name a few!

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Rock-N-Reel Custom Lures by Tony Sylvester

Taking a closer look at the three blade underspin by Tony Sylvester.  Tony uses powder coated paints for those vibrant colors and long lasting coatings.  His creations are one of one of a kind.